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A month ago, it seemed like another “View” was unlikely. Who could have predicted that we would have even different terms and vocabulary to use today?

  The nation and the individual states have developed variations of the original restrictions. We are now hearing about opening up some areas and activities. Colorado has a “Shelter in Place” directive expiring on April 26th. A new term we will be hearing about and practicing is “Safer at Home. ” From the governor of Colorado, “Safer at Home” means continuing limited social interactions to the greatest extent possible. May is going to look just like April for people with pre-existing conditions and “seniors”.  Seniors! That sounds like us.

  Other terms that sound like us are: adult, experienced, smart, resourceful, resilient, and many more. We are great at planning tours and there is a lot more to planning a tour than it first appears. We are now discovering how much there is to “un-planning” a tour. Certainly, a discovery we could have done without. I am pleased with how quickly our tour directors demonstrated this and how quickly they perfected the process of un-planning tours. It was suggested that we document the processes used. I admire VP of Activities Sally Murray’s reply, “We are not going to go through this again.” We will likely document the basic steps anyway. I would not title it “How to un-plan a tour”. It is a process that I am even more pleased and proud of than un-planning. The document should be titled “Re-planning a tour”. Our tour directors did not cancel tours, they’ve re-planned them for 2021. I believe the tours planned prior to June 1, 2020 are now re-planned for the same weeks in 2021.

  A completely open economy would be so nice a year from now. Even at that, many of our currently practiced personal protection behaviors may stay in place. Think about physical distancing, handshakes, and hugs. Will we have personal hand sanitizer dispensers in our cars? Time will tell. 

  Sally’s statement is filled with optimism. Another term that sounds like us. What I believe to be true, is that when an organization like The Vintage Motor Car Club of America remains optimistic, we can accomplish so much more than a cynical population. Why? Because the optimistic organizations will try. The VMCCA will get it done.

Stay healthy, happy, and optimistic!     

Ray Maxfield

VMCCA, President  


83rd Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet
January 14 – 17th
Tempe, AZ
Steve Partman
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39th Chrome Glidden Tour
April 25 – 30, 2021
Alcoa-Maryville, TN
Jimmie & Debbie Hixson
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JUST ANNOUNCED!! More details soon
75th Revival Glidden Tour
September 12 – 17, 2021
Sarasota Springs, NY

Convertible Top Tour
October 12 – 16, 2021
Branson, MO
Jim Cohen, Tour Director
Ginger Cohen, Registrar