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VMCCA Tour Cancellations 3/23/2020

  No organization, company, or business would ever want to cancel an event or close their doors for any length of time. The Vintage Motor Car Club of America is not an exception. Because our purpose is to promote touring and enjoyment of vintage vehicles it was even more difficult to consider cancelling any of our tour gatherings. As you know, the current restrictions placed to protect us and stop the spread of Covid-19 virus gave us no other choice except to cancel some of our tours. Especially those within the eight-week restriction period. Some tours outside of the eight-week period were also cancelled.

  The Following VMCCA tours have officially been cancelled. I believe that every registered participant has been notified of these cancellations.

The TexOma Region Tour                                        The Chrome Glidden Tour

The Nickel Tour                                                       The 1 & 2 Cylinder Tour                                 

  There are six other National and Regional tours on our calendar, plus many Chapter tours scheduled. It is our intent to continue accepting registrations for these tours. Our hope is that the Covid-19 virus will slow down and the risks be low enough that no other tours will be cancelled. Everyone in the USA needs to fully cooperate with the current, and seemingly hourly, announcements made by the White House, state governors, and city mayors. We are also listening to announcements from around the world that will affect announcements for the US.

  The VMCCA membership is made up of a generation who has matured in the wisdom that comes with age. We follow the rules or guidelines, take care of ourselves, so we can take care of others. That is something to be proud of. We can get through this and enjoy driving our cars at these tours. We are not going to panic and make decisions on fear. We will make decisions based on facts and the policies issued by governments and agencies. There is evidence today that some policies may vary state to state or city to city.

The known tours on our calendar are:

June 7 -12 Lewis and Clark Regional Tour, Jim and Judy Johnson Tour Directors

June 21 – 25 6th Muscle Car Tour, Don and Sally Van Atta Tour Directors

July 12 – 16 70th Annual GLR Tour, Doug Kennedy Tour Director

August 17 – 20 Grand Indiana Tour, Tim Howell Tour Director

September 13 – 18 75th Revival AAA Glidden Tour, Bill Preston Tour Director

October 18- 23 Western National Tour, Malcolm Stinson Tour Director

  Our intent is to use the website to make global announcements if these tour schedules change. There may be other media used, such as our VMCCA Facebook page, when the situation requires those medias.  The tour directors also have the responsibility to notify registered participants quickly if there are changes. When you have a question about a tour please contact the tour director. They will have the most up to date information.

Thank you for your membership and especially for your understanding in these unusual times.

Ray Maxfield

VMCCA, President  


Lewis & Clark 2020 Tour
June 7 – 12th regional tour, Yankton, SD to Mobridge, SD Hosted by Jim and Judy Johnson (605) 390-4410
Registration Form
Detailed Itinerary

6th Muscle Car Tour
June 21 – 25th
The Shack Lodge in
White Cloud, MI 231-924-6683
Hosted by Don and Sally Vanatta
Registration Form

Cruisin’ the Crossroads of Northeast Indiana
July 12 – 16th
70th annual GLR tour in Auburn, IN
Hosted by the Summit City Chapter
Hank Kiess 260-637-7412 or Mike Stitt 517-589-5430
Registration form

Grand Indiana Auto Tour 2020
August 17 – 20th in Columbus, Indiana
Contact Tim & Frieda Howell

75th Revival AAA Glidden Tour
Saratoga Springs, NY
September 13 – 18th
Bill Preston

Western National Tour
October 18 – 24th Cottonwood, AZ
Malcolm & Jane Stinson
Registration Form
More Information