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- posted September 29, 2021

I mentioned in the latest Touring Chronicle that I added another phrase to my personal set of tag lines for the VMCCA, “see America again.” It fits right in with the theme I have been using recently, there are small towns and backroads all across America, VMCCA knows where they are and will take you there. This phrase is more of an invitation to any and all vintage car owners and enthusiasts to join the VMCCA on our tours across America. The idea is not original to me. The Sunday July 18, 2021 edition of Parade magazine’s front cover used the wording, it is actually a sentence. Then another sentence that is an invitation, “Find your next perfect adventure on our summer travel bucket list.” Copying it here would be a problem because of space and possibly copyright concerns. The idea just exploded for me! I am visualizing well designed, cost effective, posters that can be produced and distributed with VMCCA’s “Perfect adventure on your bucket list. You know those times when you think or say, I would sure like to go to Zion National Park in Utah. In 2022, you can do that with the VMCCA. I would like to drive the backroads of Montana on the next segment of the Lewis and Clark Tour. In 2022, you can do that. I would like to experience the hospitality of rural Nebraska. In 2022, you can do that. Think about driving the beautiful backroads and rolling hills of Ohio. In 2022, you can do that. You have an open invitation to travel with and among the nicest people while seeing America again.

Carol and Ray Maxfield

The Parade magazine is an insert in many newspapers across America. Perhaps the VMCCA could have their own insert for distribution in specific media. Broader and deeper visibility is something we need to address. More people should know about us and what we do. How can we can we tell them and show them who we are and what we do? That subject is being discussed in every meeting held by Chapters, Regions, and National. The answer seems easy, invite the people you meet to see America with us. At the very least, the part of the country that is closest to you and that you enjoy seeing and talking about.

The VMCCA truly does host tours where people want to go or go again with additional family members and friends. Even if it has only been a few years, say 5 years since you visited an area, it will be different today. Not because there will be more traffic, there will be. VMCCA tour hosts get us on backroads. The vegetation and landscape can be different. The backroads go through a somewhat pristine America. One that is beautiful, untouched, and down to earth. I am not forgetting about stopping at the venues. Those are extremely important to a tour experience. Carol and I are always in awe of what we see and learn on tours. Countless venue stops have opened our eyes to more American history than any text book or historical account did. We also meet the nicest people along the way. Small town America residents, business owners, and their staff are kind and courteous. They genuinely appreciate having us stop and visit. That’s the America we want to see again. The Vintage Motor Car Club of America will take you there.

See Ya Down The Road!

Ray Maxfield
VMCCA, President