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A Message from the President

- posted 5/8/2024

Enough water has passed under the bridge, so all who attended the February Annual Meeting and Cruise have abandoned their sea legs and returned to being landlubbers. I'm sure those who participated had a good time, and many said they would gladly do it again.

Phote of DUANE COPLEY, President of the VMCCA

The Chrome Glidden Tour may be underway or may have recently concluded as you read this. As you uncover your cars this spring, I hope you find them well-rested and as eager to tour as you are. Please take some time to closely inspect your favorite buggy to determine that all is well. Consider swapping out those 25-year-old tires that still look almost new for a fresh set that looks as good as the old ones but are fresh and not deteriorating from the inside out. As you know, we travel as often as possible on the side roads, but changing a tire alongside the road has become a safety issue considering the massive use of cell phones and GPSs, which tends to divert driver attention more and more away from what is actually happening on the road.

Congratulations to our members who received the 2023 Annual National Awards. Fellow club members nominate those who received awards, and you are to be congratulated for all you have done for our hobby. This year’s recipients are listed in this Bulb Horn.

This is the first issue prepared by our new Bulb Horn Editor, Tracy Lesher. She brings to us a very impressive reputation for not only getting the job done but also doing it correctly and with style. Like most who edit the magazines of our hobby, she is always in the market for stories about your cars, tours, technical tips, and articles about how you did it.

I am positive we all understand that the cars we see at shows and on tours would likely be sitting in a garage or perhaps a junkyard if not for the members who take the time to bring them back to the condition they once had when sitting in a dealership showroom. The people involved in our hobby are as important as the cars they restore and oftentimes a great deal more interesting. Why not put an article together about Jerry, who lives across town, creates beautiful restorations, and participates in the hobby just like you and I do?

Hopefully, you noticed some new advertisements on our website, vmcca.org. The Publications Committee has been busy assembling a sales packet that will be forwarded to prospective websites and to Bulb Horn advertisers. Recording the number of times during a month that members and others visit our site contributes to the likelihood that a potential advertiser will give us a try. We currently have 5,000 or more visits (hits) per month. We can do better if all the members check in on our site once a week or so.

Beginning with this issue, you may have noticed that we did not include the minutes. You may have already received an electronic copy of those minutes in your inbox. Additionally, you can find the minutes in the "members" section of our website. Part of why we have gone to electronic transmission of the minutes is because the official minutes are four to six months old before they reach you in the magazine. The Board feels that sending them out electronically immediately after approval would be a great improvement.

There is a great deal of "touring" to be done this year, and I am asking all to pitch in and do your part. Tour often, make new friends, travel safely, and have fun!

... Duane