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Letter from the VMCCA President
- Duane Copley

- posted 7/29/2023

By now I am sure you have heard that President John Munoz has stepped down from his position as President. I am sure this was a tough decision for him to make. John worked hard for our club and unlike many of us he has a full-time job and all the responsibilities that go with being management. Unlike most of us, as a full-time employee, he is also subject to those life changing decisions that often come from “on high” that impact our personal lives. While John's job has changed considerably, I know his strong association with VMCCA is not altered.

Phote of DUANE COPLEY, President of the VMCCA

While on the subject of officers and positions, it is important to remember that, with one exception, all our officers are volunteers. From time to time, these members who have volunteered to work to make our club the finest of its kind need to step down from their position. The process we use to fill these open positions is by nomination through our Nominating Committee.

If any of our members would like to serve in any of our many officer positions, I ask you to please contact our Nominating Committee Chairman, Carl Worstell, who can tell you which positions may be open or opening up and the position requirements. Carl may be contacted at carleworstell@aol.com or 919-586-6146 by phone.

As some of you may now be aware, the annual dues for our club have been raised from $40 annually to $48. As some of you may not be aware, our club has been running a deficit budget for the last several years. This was discussed at some length during the first quarter 2023 meeting held in Reno where the increase in dues was approved. What most members are not aware of is that the largest portion of the annual dues you are paying is used to shoulder the expense of our award winning bi-monthly magazine, the Bulb Horn.

A variety of alternatives were suggested such as changing to a quarterly publication or perhaps changing to a digital format. The amount of savings was not immediately available and there is some concern that changes of this nature might impact membership. Rather than “kicking the can down the road” the motion was made to increase the dues as an immediate but shortterm solution to our current deficit. The Publications Committee, led by Publications VP Randy Pullen has been tasked with researching the several alternatives associated with possible changes to the Bulb Horn and the financial and membership impacts that might be expected.

Touring is well underway and while I was not available to attend the Chrome Glidden, I’ve heard from many that it was a 1st class tour. Thank You to all the members of the Fredericksburg Vintage Car Club who worked so hard to provide our members with a great touring experience. Safe travels to all our members as you make your way to Chapter, Region and National events and please have fun and make new friends.

... Duane