The Bulb Horn

Each issue of the Bulb Horn magazine contains fascinating articles of high interest to old car enthusiasts and automobile historians as well as providing technical pieces and feature articles on members’ automobiles.   We are very proud of this magazine. It is now published six times a year and has been our club’s official publication since 1939. Bulb Horn Indexes are available electronically for 1939-48, 1949-1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1960-1969. 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2009, 1960-present.

Click here to contact our Bulb Horn Staff with comments, contributions, or advertising proposals. Just a small sample of some entertaining and informative articles are listed below. New articles will be continuously added to the list.  Enjoy!!  To get a regular dose of more articles like this,  join VMCCA

    • 1983 FIVA Rallye:  VMCCA goes international!  This rallye with competitors from around the world is described by George and Carol Kanaan.  It includes lots of competitive driving events and jaunts through the picturesque Hudson Valley in NY and Connecticut.  Reprinted from the Jan-Mar 1984 Bulb Horn, PDF format.
    • 1968 Transcontinental Tour— You think today’s tours are tough?  Check out this mile by mile description of this incredible cross country journey for cars 1914 and older.  Written by Judith Henry, one of the tour’s survivors.
    • Acquiring a Riker at Auction— A fascinating story of the Eleanor Riker’s quest to buy this incredibly rare 1898 electric car originally built and owned by her deceased grandparents.  PDF format from the April-June 1986 Bulb Horn
    • 1970 Revival Glidden Tour— Henry Austin Clark Jr. wrote this entertaining and illustrated summary of the Silver Anniversary Glidden Tour in Mobile, AL. (2.5M, pdf format)
    • Brief History of the White Motor Company  — Walter MacIlvain’s Who’s Who in Automobilia article about the White steam cars. gasoline cars and trucks.  Reprinted from the July 1945 Bulb Horn.
    • 1947 Revival Glidden Tour— Read all about this early revival tour in this scan of the October 1947 Bulb Horn.  This fall tour of New England has lots of details and stories about the Who’s Who of old car pioneers.
    • Determine your Tires’ Age: — Norm Gabe’s article, “Is it Time to Re-Tire” tells you how to find out how old your tires are.  From the July 2007 Shade Tree Mechanic series by Steve Mergele.
    • LeMans, 1950 — Smith Hempstone Oliver, photographer/historian for Briggs Cunningham wrote this article about the Cunningham Cadillacs and other American entries in the 1950 Le Mans 24 hour race.  Great pictures, a must read for Cadillac lovers.  Reprinted from the April-June 1987 Bulb Horn,
    • Pierce Arrow History — Walter O. MacIlvain wrote this concise history of the Pierce-Arrow automobile in his January, 1947 Bulb Horn column, “Who’s Who in Automobilia”.
    • Alice Ramsey;s 1909 Cross Country Tour — Read about this “Plucky Woman”, a Maxwell, her friends and a fabulous coast to coast tour in 1909.  Written by David O. Lyon, reprinted from the March/April 2009 Bulb Horn.
    • The Jackson Automobile  — Some history of this Michigan native, by Ronald Bean – reprinted from the 1970 Bulb Horn.
    • Enlighten your old car:  This Rusty Bytes article talks about improving your old car’s signal lights.
    • Buying and Selling on eBay:  One of the Bulb Horn’s Rusty Bytes series of technology articles.  This short article covers the basics a novice should know before trying to buy or sell on eBay.
    • Federation for the Blind Car Show:  The Dallas Chapter puts on a car show for the local federation of the blind.  Read about what they did and see the pictures of blind children, adults, and working dogs enjoying the smell and feel of old cars.   PDF file, 350K
    • Alice Megaro’s Magical Trip:  Veteran VMCCA tourist Alice Megaro describes her 2004 New York City to St. Louis trip in her 1929 Model A. This celebrates Charles Glidden’s 1904 AAA reliability tour between the same two cities.  Alice concluded her adventure by driving in the 59th Revival AAA Glidden Tour in Branson MO.  PDF file, 235K
    • Create a High School Car Show — Walter Stockert’s article shows how you can sponsor a car show at your local high school and generate some intergenerational  communication between young and old car nuts. PDF file, 185K.
    • Ford Motor Company’s T-100 Project — Bill Leland, a retired Ford engineer, documents Ford’s successful effort to build six brand new brass Model T’s for its 2003 centennial celebration.  PDF file, 650K
    • 1903 Winton takes San Francisco to NYC tour in 2003 — Learn about the Kesling family’s attempt to repeat Horatio Nelson’s amazing 1903 road trip with their century old Winton.  PDF file, 875K.
    • 2002 AAA Centennial Glidden Tour – – Automotive history comes full circle when VMCCA and AAA celebrates AAA’s 100th birthday!
    • 1996 Revival Glidden/Glidden Chrome Tour — logistically the largest antique car tour in U.S. History and certainly one of the most historically significant.
    • 1946 Revival Glidden Tour — coincides with the Golden Jubilee of the American Automotive Industry.
    • Financing the Automobile Industry — Recounts how early auto pioneers “financed” their entry in the American automobile industry.
    • Automobiles of the Titanic: Myth or Reality? — Explores the types and condition of cars on board the ill-fated ship.
    • Charles Jasper Glidden — the most ardent early advocate of the automobile, completing the first round-the-world tour by auto in 1902 and establishing the Glidden Tours as the premier reliability runs in the U.S.
    • AAA and the Glidden Connection — describes the pitfalls experienced by motorists at the turn of the century. Be sure to note the table at the end of the article (contains an amusing piece on “Rules of the Farmer’s Anti-Automobile Society of Pennsylvania” and AAA recommendations for overland travel in 1913).
    • The original Glidden Tours, 1905-1913:– These year-by-year articles describe many of the peaks and valleys of those early automobile pioneers.  See how these veteran explorers expanded the art of motoring in America.