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Hello from the Texas Hill Country

- posted June 2, 2023

Promoting VMCCA National Tours is done by many folks on the National level as well as by the host chapter and individuals. Ray and Carol Maxfield are to be commended for the awesome job they do sharing the tour information in the monthly “Touring Chronicle.” This publication has much more material besides the tour information and makes for a good read. If you do not receive the “Touring Chronicle” via email, you can do so on www.vmcca.org and click on the sign-up link on the right side of the homepage.

Photo of Sally Murray, VMCCA, Activities VP

How often do you check the VMCCA.org website to find out what tours are available? John Lang, webmaster, does an excellent job of assuring that the latest tour material is posted as soon as he receives it from the VMCCA Publication VP, Randy Pullen. Most of the tour information is printable too.

The latest update of the Officers Handbook is now uploaded on the website. Even though it is a lengthy document, lots of information for local clubs, regions, and national levels is included. Ever wonder how the national officers, region directors, and local club officers and members know how to accomplish the various aspects of our organization? Lots of informative material is in this document. Be sure and read Elaine’s article in this Bulb Horn that addresses specific questions she has received from members that answers are in the Officers Handbook.

Here we are over halfway through the 2023 touring year. Have you gone on a local, region, or national tour? Hope you have been able to participate in one or many tours. There may still be room to attend the Glidden Tour in Thomasville, GA or the Heritage Tour in Newport News, VA.

We added various tours to the 2024 calendar. Options for national tours right now are an Orphan Car Tour in Decatur, TX, the Chrome Glidden Tour in Clarksville, AR, the 1 & 2 Cylinder Tour in Medina, OH, the Western National Tour in Tucson, AZ. As soon as we receive the tour flyer and registration form for each tour we will post it in the Touring Chronicle, the VMCCA.org website, and in the Bulb Horn. Information resources abound.

WANTED: A club or individuals to host the Revival AAA Glidden Tour in 2025. To find out more about what is required to host this tour, please read the Officers Handbook, Section VII, National Tour and Meetings, starting at Page 69, Guidelines for Operating Revival AAA Glidden Tours. It is never to early to start planning a Glidden Tour.

Until next time, Beautiful Day, Gone Touring!

Liz Lindig
VMCCA, Activities VP