VMCCA Foundation

The foundation was formed to issue scholarships to deserving young people who are relatives of VMCCA members. 2019 was another banner year when 9 scholarships were awarded in the amount of $1500 each.

Click here for the scholarship application and instructions.

If your children or grandchildren are enrolled in college or a trade school, be sure and have them fill out an application.

For donations, please mail to:
The VMCCA Foundation
P. O. Box 161
Hempstead, TX 77445

Foundation Officers

B.D. Berryhill, President

Don Knight, Vice President

Jamie Crandall, Secretary/Treasurer

2019 VMCCA Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Zack Blanco
Kaity Carr
Riley Cowan
Duncan Rowda
Brenden Owen
Megan Martin
Annika Moen
McKaylee Prieto
Ethan Ward

2018 VMCCA Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Bailee Wathen
Hannah McGee
Rachel Davies
George Reid
Samual A. Cvikota
Christopher McKelvain

2019 Chrome Glidden Tour Deputy Divas – Marion Berryhill & Diane Horstman

We are excited to announce that the VMCCA Foundation raised $6000 at the 2019 Chrome Glidden by way of Diva Deputies and Kangaroo Court by the honorable Judge Knight.   Marion Berryhill and Diane Horstman were deputized by Jamie Crandall, tour director.   Why the need for deputies on a tour you might ask?  Early in the planning stages of the tour, we decided to encourage folks to slow down on the tour so they would not be in a hurry.  We wanted to be sure that they enjoyed the scenery of rolling hills and wildflowers.  We thought it might be fun to come up with a donation citation to early arrivals.   No set amount fee, just whatever the offending driver would like to contribute would be gladly accepted. No amount too small.  I am thrilled to report; you all are a generous group of tourists!  Your willingness to play along helped us raise over $6000 for this year’s scholarship fund.   A big thank you goes out to all that participated and those of you who matched the pot that tripled our fund!  The laughter that went on during Kangaroo Court was priceless and will be talked about for years to come.   We encourage future tour organizers to continue with the new tradition.   The Foundation would be glad to deputize you and send you our sheriff badges!